Document Management Software and Online Repository

Using best-in-class technologies and frameworks, Logical Source can assess, design and implement document management (DM) solutions that not only satisfy your company’s own internal requirements, but meet industry and governmental regulations as well.

Our scalable user-friendly DM solutions are great for companies looking to digitize, manage and protect their business records now and into the future.

Logical Source will sit down with your team to assess and map out a DM environment across your entire company. Our experts will also ensure that your DM solution meets the rules and regulations that govern your industry. Finally, Logical Source will install and integrate the necessary software and hardware within your IT environment, while implementing the proper security permissions for your employees.

For companies looking to bring their digital assets offsite, Logical Source also offers online document repository services. Imagine keeping your records and files safe and secure, ready to deliver knowledge anywhere in the world by a simple, secure keystroke. With our online repository solutions, you can retrieve volumes of information instantaneously, and distribute archived reports and images to multiple destinations in a secure environment without the capital expense of additional hardware or software. You can take great comfort in simple, secure, on-demand accessibility of all your corporate information, all through a web browser.

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