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Our proven, technology-enhanced ROI workflow and technologies reduces risk, while ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

Logical Source’s proprietary, HIPAA-compliant ROI software system, Releastics, offers a stable, flexible solution to help track and document medical record requests through their full lifecycle.

FA stable and future-proof software system, Releastics has already been used at the largest medical teaching facility in New Jersey, and was the first ROI software to be used for releasing patient records to the state’s government agencies, including Social Security.

In addition to ROI fulfillment status and turnaround times, Releastics provides users with dynamic and on-demand reporting, full auditing capabilities, and a fully customizable interface.

Despite its robust features and capabilities, Releastics is an easy-to-use, Windows-based application that can be run from a standard desktop or laptop. Powerful enough to accept ADT feeds from hospital systems, Releastics is also friendly enough to export records to PDF for offline viewing.

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Reduces financial risk Ensures compliance with HIPAA Streamlines workflows Eliminates redundant requests Reduces errors Improves quality of data


Fully customizable and scalable Full audit capabilities Dynamic and on-demand reporting Complaint monitoring Invoicing Record exporting Optional web portal interface

ROI Tracking Capabilities:

ROI fulfillment status Turnaround times Employee efficiency Billable vs. non-billable requests

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