Hardcopy Retention and Archival

Hardcopy records are invaluable to the profitable management of your business. When active, your records should be at your disposal, with someone to organize and maintain them for you. When your records are inactive, they should be maintained in accordance with business, legal and compliance rules, and kept safe from theft, damage or accidental loss.

Logical Source provides you with safe and efficient ways to secure, maintain and retrieve your hardcopy business records. Our retention experts meet with you to enact policies and procedures to archive your documents, taking into account business rules and legal and compliance regulations related to your business records.

We then package your files, drawings, films or other media in strong, durable boxes according to your specifications. Next, we apply a computerized barcode system to your boxes and enter them into a sortable, cross-referenced computer database. When you need to access specific files or media, the database allows us find and retrieve your records in just minutes.

Our storage building, rated best in fire safety in the state of New Jersey, is equipped with a state-of- the-art fire alarm system and climate control system that regulates temperature and humidity. Our building also features a theft alarm system to keep your files out of the wrong hands.

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