For over 30 years, Logical Source has provided high-quality micrographic services for businesses, agencies and institutions looking to reduce archival storage space and reduce document retrieval times. Using the latest microfilming technologies, our experts are able to film your paper-based documents and convert them to any micrographic format, tailored to your specific needs. We can also index your microfilmed documents into a searchable database for Computer Aided Retrieval and reproduction capabilities. All of your images are inspected for accuracy and quality, and are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Source Document Microfilming

Source Document Microfilming is the process of filming paper document or files in a permanent and legally acceptable form, for the purposes of document retrieval or reproduction. Using the latest state-of-the-art micrographic imaging technology, Logical Source experts work onsite or offsite to create high quality microfilm images that meet your specific requirements. Final microfilm images can reside on 16mm roll film or microfiche jackets, and can be viewed on a standard reader or printed using a reader/printer.

Computer Aided Retrieval (CAR)

Logical Source’s imaging experts can take your microfilms to the next level with Computer Aided Retrieval capabilities. After microfilming your images into rolls, our experts can capture film numbers and frame references into a searchable computer database. By linking this database to a frame search reader/printer, a user can search the microfilm and print out paper copies in just a few seconds.

Computer Output to Microfilm (COM)

Computer Output Microfilm (COM) is a process for copying and printing data from electronic media (such as magnetic tape) onto microfilm (16mm microfilm or 105mm microfiche).

Logical Source provides COM services to agencies looking for efficient operations and sound records management policies. The newest COM technologies provide superior image quality for improved user productivity and higher quality reader/printer copies. These new technologies also offer enhanced titling, enlarged file breaks, and barcoding to ensure easier access and filing.

Logical Source's COM software programmers develop applications for the recorders, and then perform test runs of the software and hardware to establish compliance with the customer requirements.

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